A Device-Free Road Trip: 
 Educational Ideas for Keeping Kids Entertained on Long Car Rides

Sure, we could put a screen in front of our kids and pray the battery lasts, or we could put some thought and purpose behind the activities we choose to keep them entertained. The goal doesn't have to be to just entertainment, either; why not take the opportunity to educate, too? Below are some fantastic ways to gobble up large chunks of time on the road and simultaneously teach our children something new. 
1. Binders: These aren't your three-ring high school binders! Include maps of your destination, fun facts about the cities and states you'll drive through, pictures of state birds, mottos, license plates, etc. Fill these binders with the sights and sounds your kids will soon encounter. They're a great way to get them excited for the trip and teach them about where you're going! 
2. Mad Libs: Create some templates ahead of time to get the creative juices flowing, and I guarantee halfway through the fun, your kids will be yelling out their own stories and identifying nouns and adverbs along the way! 
3. Legos: Every kid loves Legos, so why not make them portable? Cut a Lego plate to fit the inside of a lunchbox lid and glue it in place. Once dry, throw a set of Legos inside and voila! It's a portable holder that doubles as a permanent base for their Lego creations. 
4. BINGO: Print car BINGO sheets (free online) and hold them clipboards for some mobile game fun! Either laminate or put the sheets inside plastic sleeves so kids can write directly on them, which means individual BINGO pieces aren't necessary. And clean-up is a cinch: wipe with a tissue and you're ready to play again! 
5. Books: Remember those things? They have pages and words and don't require batteries! If your kids are too young to read, or if reading in the car makes you nauseous, consider books on CD. A great story is a fantastic way to pass the time.

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