The Future of Technology in Cars 

Technological advancements are happening all around us, in education, music, and even transportation. Cars are already parking themselves; it won't be long before they're driving themselves! Here are five of the most exciting advanced car technologies we'll see in the next few years:   
Autonomous Cars: The very definition of cars driving themselves! You'll likely find these in rural areas first, but it shouldn't be long before manufacturers find a way to assimilate onto all roadways.   
Human Recognition Entrance: Also known as biometric entrance, cars will be opened and started with a scan of a fingerprint or the eye. The new iPhone 8 is using facial recognition to unlock it, why shouldn't our vehicles?   

Vehicle Tracking: While the preliminary promise of tracking are slated to be completely voluntary, we're hoping it remains that way. Regardless, those who agree to full tracking of their driving will earn discounts on insurance.   
Remote Shut Down: A few vehicles have this now, but pretty soon it will be standard to buy a car with the remote shut down feature. Great idea for stopping car thieves in their tracks, and maybe a rogue teenage driver, too!   
Smart Cars: Some vehicles already allow you to send email messages via voice prompts, but in less than five years, we can expect most cars to be fully connected to the internet. This means personalized ads will pop up on your vehicle's display, which is a great thing for advertising, but maybe not so great for the driver who needs to focus on the road!  

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